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SO well written! Thank you for a comprehensive review of the science that should have resulted in HCQ, zinc and AZ pack becoming a widespread early treatment. It's incomprehensible that the naked greed of Pfizer et al has allowed suffering and death on such a massive scale. Same has happened with ivermectin.

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Hi, excellent, important work. Just for your information, there is a mistake, you incorrectly calculated the numbers :) or the number of patients was incorrect -

The study was conducted by Tarek Sulaiman’s team from King Fahad Medical City, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and involved 7,892 patients treated in 238 clinics throughout the country. 3,320 patients received hydroxychloroquine, and the comparison was with 5,572 who did not had the medication.

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Well done Felipe. Thanks very much. I am surprised you like Che'. Not surprised you like Argentine wines. Aloha.

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Felipe - I agree very much with your views on this topic. I think it is also important to try to decode the basis for this controversy. Why do ostensibly reasonable people differ so markedly in their conclusions about a common set of facts? In my view the denigration of hydroxychloroquine is as much as anything a result of the clinician vs scientist tension. I can only imagine the horror in the halls of the NIH at the sight of this simple country doctor, Vladimir Zelenko, proposing a treatment for the pandemic based on a few internet searches. His "discovery" is practically an insult to countless careers worth of gene sequencing and protein modeling.

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It looks like Twitter has locked the account of Dr. Zev Zelenko, who was first start saving lives using HCQ/Azithromycin with Zinc early on, in the USA. He is charged with spreading this information. We must all get on Twitter and other forums to spread it even more. Censorship must not be tolerated. Especially when those who are doing the censorship are effectively mass murderers.


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Well written Sir, you should also consider why there is no big pharma medication that stops Flu from progressing to pneumonia outside of hospitalisation, perhaps those yearly flu deaths are needed to scare populations into taking the money making yearly vaccine.

I live in the UK which is probably the worst place for covid treatment in the world, you are totally on your own, HCQ is banned for covid and doctors will not visit a covid positive patient, No early treatment here. I though have been pro active from the start, I have HCQ + zinc + Doxycycline ready and waiting.

From my research the Zelenco protocol will also stop common flu from progressing to pneumonia, All flu type RNA virus`s rely on the cells LOW ph and RdRp for their binding , viral release and replication, Dr Zeleco realised this from the start, that`s why he added zinc and that`s why he mentions FLU.

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This text is a great example of the Dunning-Kruger effect and confirmation bias, written by someone who thinks he knows how science works and got his science degree in the whatsapp university.

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As a layman with a fully functioning brain, and a very healthy contempt for puffed-up, pretentious twits who claim to be Scientists, I commend you sir. Having spent some time working within Gomorrah on the Potomac, I say with considerable confidence that everyone there, everyone, is co-opted by the perverted slime that clings to the skirts of that god forsaken whore, the District of Criminals.

As a typical American somewhat long in the tooth, I am a practical type, and if it works, use it. And it is interesting that the AMA has reversed its previous opposition and now "allows" the use of HCQ, at the discretion of the Physician. Though I disagree with your characterization of Mr. Trump, and suspect you may be a not-so-closeted Socialist of the radical Latin American type, I nonetheless wish to congratulate you on an excellent though exhausting article. The tie-in with the "Weissangel" was nicely done. Bravo. I have followed this subject assiduously, and yours is the most cogent and understandable article I have seen. The opposition from the Establishment Medicine is little short of criminal. Sadly, they will not be held accountable by anyone other than the families of those who died while this simple, inexpensive remedy was in Scientific limbo. And they have little voice. Concluding, sir, as a member deeply in the high-risk category, I will self-administer Dr. Zelenko's prophylaxis, most of which I already use daily and have for some time, minus the HCQ, And Dr. Fauci and his cabal of self-important little despots may be damned. And here in Michigan, we know about self-important despots: They are already damned.

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Hey, Filipe,

An excellent piece of work! I'd like to post this on my blog if I could get your permission. You can find the blog here: https://normanpilon.com/

There is nothing commercial about the blog. It is intended merely (or mostly) as a public archive of things that I've found worthwhile sharing. It doesn't get a lot of views, but there is regular traffic.

Many thanks.

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